Madera Mental Meltdown

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Well, it wasn’t that bad, but gratuitous alliteration is always…gratuitous. But it was a weekend full of mental errors. Masters 35+ 1/2/3 Report (Pictures & results):


Boring, easy race. For some reason, we only raced for 40 minutes. Last lap, was behind my lead out man. I thought we were too far back before the final turn. Surged impatiently upfield then lost lots of positions in the corner. Sprinted from way back to ensure the same time as the winners. Later learned I would have come out of the corner 7th wheel if I stuck with my leadout…

Crit Data:

Duration:                   41:11
Work:                     614 kJ
TSS:                       51.1 (intensity factor 0.868)
Norm Power:         278
VI:                           1.11
Distance:               17.062 mi

================Min ==   Max ==  Avg
Power:                   0          1228    249      watts
Heart Rate:            95        183      164      bpm
Speed:                   0          36.2     24.9     mph

Peak 5s: 1158 watts
Peak 10s: 1077 watts
Peak 20s: 927 watts
Peak 1min: 522 watts
Peak 5min: 326 watts, 359 w normalized
Peak 20min: 257 watts, 295w normalized


“Started” my Garmin before taking off. Some time after the first turn, realized that I stopped the timer and was flying blind without distance or time info. Thought there was a long way to go so I held back. Between turn 3 & 4, my 30 second man blows by me. “Does he know something I don’t?” Indeed he does, we are only a couple of miles from the finish. I’m not great at TT’s, but unfortunately I had a lot left at the finish.

No data recorded.

Road Race:

I was freezing at the start and pissed off with my poor decisions.

Soon after the neutral, I attacked, but not for any tactical reason: 1. Wanted to burn off some anger 2. Needed to warm up 3. Possibly, though doubtful, draw out an early move 4. signal to people that I’d be willing to work in a break later in the race. Nobody came with me, so I just settled in for a nice warmup.

Last lap, a rider invited me to make a joint move before the crosswind section but I declined. I was sitting in good position during the single lane stretch before the rough pavement and crosswind. Luckily, a group of racers saved me from my good field position by advancing over the yellow line.

We turn into the crosswind and the pack guttered. Some of the same guys who advanced started gapping and sliding down the line. Kept closing holes until I couldn’t and popped just before the turn to the finishing rollers. Mission accomplished, 3 for 3 in delivering crappy weekend results.

The upside was that I gave some protection to the guy who finished 2nd, unfortunately, he wasn’t on my team…I think shelter at the port ride would be sufficient compensation!

Race data (Including Neutral):

Madera RR:

Duration:                   2:49:24
Work:                         2143 kJ
TSS:                           168.9 (intensity factor 0.775)
Norm Power:             248
VI:                               1.17
Distance:                   65.32 mi
Elevation Gain:         1621 ft

==================Min ==   Max ==  Avg
Power:                       0         884     211     watts
Heart Rate:                61       183     144     bpm
Speed:                       10.3    48.5    23.1    mph

Peak 5s: 842 watts
Peak 1min: 428 watts
Peak 5min: 320 watts, 339w normalized
Peak 10min: 307 watts, 310w normalized
Peak 30min: 251 watts, 276w normalized
Peak 60min: 225 watts, 253w normalized


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